Choose To Be A Scholastic; Refuse Plastic Dishub Aceh Go Green

Conference of the Parties-26 (COP26) took place in Glasgow, Scotland, from Oct 31 to Nov 12, 2021. The event is participated by 121 heads of state and government discussing global issues like climate change across the globe. One of the expected outcomes of COP26 is to ensure the commitment of each country to achieve the long-term target of 2050 which is an emmision-free world, while also ensuring to achieve the short-term target of 2030 which is the reducing of carbon use technology.

In an effort of supporting this global issue, Dishub Aceh has implemented several policies. Vehicle-free day, the use of tumblers during work hours, and specifically about environmental-friendly plastic bags are among the focused policies nowadays. These are all for the sake of decreasing waste, be it carbon emissions or plastic waste.

Further, these bags are given to all officials without exception with the hope that we will start to use environmental-friendly bags during work hours, shopping, and even on the daily basis.

Dare the world to save the planet. Dishub Aceh Go Green!

Source: Instagram Dishub Aceh

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